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Which hot melt do I need?

You might identify yourself with a typical application, such as packaging, crafting, industrial, bookbinding, woodworking or a sticky self adhesive. Furthermore you can apply hot melt in a dot, bead, swirl, curtain or coating.

Packaging hot melts

Basic EVA packaging hot melts are typically made for box sealing and paper bonding. Bonding more advanced substrates, like plastics and coated cartons, you probably need a more advanced polyolefin or psa grade.

Crafting hot melts

Crafting is typically a home-based bussines, you probably need easy to work with equipment, such as a shaped hot melt adhesive gun. Therfore you would need shaped hot melt adhesives. The most common hot melt is a 11mm gluestick.

Industrial applications

Especially assembly applications in automotive, whitegoods and filter manufacturing are seen the most. All kinds of hot melts are used such as polyolefin, PSA and PUR.

Bookbinding hot melt adhesives

For spinebonding, keeping the pages together, and for side gluing, to bond the cover on all sides to the book. Spineglues must be strong and flexible, and side glues must have a long open time to provide the time to finish the book perfect.


Many basic applications such as edgebanding may be done with an EVA hot melt, some more demanding products like flat lamination and profile wrapping use more often a Polyolefin or even a PUR hot melt.

PSA hot melts

PSA hot melt adhesives are typically used to manufacturer self adhesive tapes and self adhesive labels. With only a plastic foil and a psa hot melt, one can produce it’s own tape. Where double sided tapes are used in production areas, an inline hot melt coater applying a customer specific, or standard psa hot melt is more efficiënt and cost saving.

Dot & beads

Dots and beads are most commonly applied at packaging applications. Als for other applications, it’s the most easy application method to start with.

Swirl applied hot melt

Hot melt can be applied perfect by swirl application. The advantage of the hot melt cooling down on it’s way to the substrate, not damaging heat sensitive substrates and offering instant bonds when using PSA hot melts.

Curtain coating

Curtain coating is most done where a full surface bond is requireid without a full surface coating. Substrates may be to porous or to heat sensitive. It’s especially used to laminate non wovens, manufacturing hygienic products.

Full surface coating

Full surface coatings can be made by rollercoaters and slot die coaters. Rollercoaters require the substrate to be in full contact with the substrate, where slot die coaters are really near, but not necessarily always in contact with the coated substrate.

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