Industrial adhesives
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Jet Adhesives

carton jettting adhesives very clean runningIntercol is Europes leading developer and manufacturer of jetting adhesives in the carton converting industries. As well on HP ("High pressure") als LP ("Low pressure") systems we have the most problem free running adhesives for these systems. Testing at our laboratories have proven to be consistent by application on high speed machines at many of our customers. Different adhesive patterns (e.g. dots and beads) give perfect results (no splashing, no smearing outside gluelap, no nozzle drying) at very high line speeds (e.g. 800 meters per minute on folding carton machines). Regular machine stops for nozzle cleaning are not necessary anymore.

Overview of our most succesfull products:
Adhesive Description
VA 517 Standard jet adhesive lijm (very clean running)
VA 898 Water resistant jet adhesive spuitlijm (very clean running)
VA 931 Jet adhesive with a more versatile bond (fibre tear) up to treated PE-surfaces. (very clean running)
VA 611 Jetting adhesive that bonds on very difficult surfaces as untreated UV coatings and PE laminated carton
NB Our sortiment also has differente roller and extrusion adhesives for these various purposes

Applications with jet adhesives are increasing in the carton converting industry. These applicatons are mostly more versatile and easier to handel. Easier to switch from product and easier to clean. A very important factor is the fast reaction of the nozzles, so machines can run at higher speeds.

You only experience a good jetting adhesive if you experienced what's not also. Input from our customers gave us the tools to improver our adhesive. At this moment we experience no further requirements from our customers, but still our developers are making improvements. Important properties in general are:

  • High cohesive strength (no splashing)
  • Clean running (no smearing)
  • Stable (no nozzle blockages)