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Quality assurance

The Quality Assurance department is present all the tim during production. Standard activities of the laboratory are checking the produced batches, technical parameters which are important for the products. Viscosity, solid content, quality, pH value, colour etc. can be checked here.

Besides the Quality Control this laboratory also assists as experts in case of irregularities, if something unusal apears during production then all the certificates of our raw materials are present. Working this way we can easily find causes and even more important: solve the problem.

Intercol guarantees the quality of each product mostly for 6 months. Because of this guarantee we keep samples of each produced batch at our Quality Laboratory. If there happen to be complaints we easily can check the sample in our Laboratory. Then we can either or not confirm the complaint. If the complaint is correct Intercol will ensure an appropiate solution. Even if our product meets the requirements we can help our customers with solving the problem. Our expertise in many industrial applications can be applied also indirect adhesive-related. . We are glad to help our customers to a solution with our advise (e.g. we can make recommendations in production methods, maintenance, equipment.