Industrial adhesives
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Carton converting adhesives

Intercol's carton converting adhesives

Extrusion adhesives Very fast bonding and giving fibre tear to a very broad range of materials, including heavily UV coated board (on special request). Also very good experiences with the problem of the boxes being "squared" after production
Jet adhesives Very clean running, no smearing, no nozzle blockages.
Wheel adhesives No splashing, very fast bonding
Roller coating Splash-free, High wettack
Tube winding Soft, hard, filled and unfilled adhesivs

The use of carton adhesives are not suprising in the carton industrie, one would expect that for a product that already excists several centuries have nothing new to mention, even so about the adhesives that are used in these industries. The truth is rather that developments are going on every minute of the day at our laboratories in Ede, The Netherlands.