Industrial adhesives
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Other applications within the packaging industries

Pallet Stabilisation adhesives

Pallet stabilisation adhesives are used to prevent shifting products on a pallet. Pallet stabilisation adhesive are only allowed to stick and not to bond, because if you unload a pallet of boxes, it's not the meaning to tear the boxes apart because of the stabilisation ahdhesive beteween it. The most versatile product is Intercol's hot melt HM 688, this hot melt adhesive gives good stabilisation results on the most varying materials, from carton to plastics. Stabilisation adhesives are also used to fix products on eachother during internal transport (e.g. filling a box with small sachetes, or palletising plastic bags). Of course we have waterbased stabilisation adhesives ass well.

Combination adhesives (hot melt and waterbased)

Combination adhesives are mostly applied when absolute secure bonding is required in extreme circumstances, such as heat by container (overseas) transport. Because of efficiency reasons most large scale producers close their cartons with hot melt, a hot melt (at least the standard thermoplastic) is always sensitive for heat. Applying a waterbased adhesive next to the hot melt adhesive in one proces ensures a good bond in warm surroundings, but it doesn't affect the manufacturers efficiency (waterbased adhesives require a longer "pressure" and/or drying time.

Release adhesives

Release adhesives are often used in mailings and resealable packagings. A well know application may be the sending of your new bank- or creditcard, that sticks on the letter being sent to you by mail.

Hand Guns

For reparation purposes or special situations where a manufacturer can require more work spaces for packaging, hand guns could be the right solution. We always have Industrial quality Hand Guns and hot melt sticks avaiable. See also our special hand gun website: