Industrial adhesives
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Adhesives and making folding cartons

Adhesive Specification
VA 517

Standard adhesive that is very clean running. Made for standard carton grades up to some heavy coated quality cartons. Standard bonding time. For HP (high pressure) and LP (low pressure) systems.

VA 558 Adhesive for LP (Low Pressure) glueing systems. Bonds to heavy coated cartons.
VA 611/3
  1. Heavily coated, UV coated and PE laminated cartons
  2. Fast setting

Adhesives for the folding carton industries are especially designed to high speed equipment and the special methods used in this industry. Specific requirements according to open time, water resistance, detection and colour can be build in on request. The raw materials that we use and our special threatment in our own production within our adhesives are extremely important to make it perfect running on the fast machines avaiable.Who used to clean the nozzles regurlarly every couple of minutes, is now running a full shift with no adhesive related stops. We are still proofing this with some of the largest folding carton producers of Europe!.

Unique sortiment adhesives

Intercol has some unique products avaiable:

  • Adhesives for PE and UV coated cartons (Hot melt and waterbased adhesives)
  • Extremely clean running jetting adhesives
  • NEW: Our improved jetting adhesive that even bonds up to (unthreated) PE surfaces!