Industrial adhesives
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Roller adhesives (roller coating, board laminating)

Adhesive Properties
VA 522 Standard laminating adhesive for carton and paper. Very flat end products.
VA 810

Laminating adhesive for e.g. PVC materials on carton board. Very high wettack, versatile bonding to different substrates, very good drying properties (no bubbles, shrinkage etc.). Very good water resistant.

HL 356

Very high tack adhesive with 80% solids content. Problem solver in labelling and laminating when the water in other adhesives causes problems (bubbles, "tramlines", staining, etc.)

DE 623 Dextrin adhesive for laminating
VA 762 Very fast bonding (fast drying) adhesive. For paper and cartons.

Roller adhesives must be stable on the roller, all the time. Roller adhesives must have a long open time, because it must not cause any machineproblems in case of a short production stop. Most common problems are related to wettack and moisture behaviour (making bubbles).