Industrial adhesives
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Corrugated carton (Box making)

Intercol has standard adhesives for:

  • Glue lap bonding
  • Dot bonding on edges
  • Closing boxes
Adhesive Properties
VA 515/18A Sprayable adhesive, very fast bonding
VA 329 Extrusion adhesive ("slot coating") Very fast bonding
VA 721 Jetting adhesive with good "stiffness" especially engineered for combination glueing with hot melt
VA 772 Standard wheel adhesive
VA 517 Standard JET adhesive

With the production of boxes are production speed and efficiency very important factors. Intercol's adhesives are therefore problem-free to use adhesives. Especially our High Pressure jetting adhesives are significant better than our competitors products.

If you're looking for the most fast setting adhesive to increase your line speed, you can contact us!