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Polyolefine smeltlijmen

Intercol provides a comprehensive range of EVA, nBA, metallocene , polyolefin, and rubber based (pressure sensitive) hot melt adhesives. Where required these adhesives are providing strong and reliable bonds in ‘end of line’ packaging operations and technical applications.

Properties of hot melts

Hot melt adhesives are thermoplastic materials and solid at room temperature (like a plastic or candle wax) and which melts at higher temperatures, typically 100°C-160°C.

Adhesion of hot melt

In this molten, liquid state, hotmelts are applied on a substrate to bond. During this liquid phase of the adhesive it has the ability to bond, the liquid phase is part of the hot melts open time. When the open time is valid, the two substrates need to be joined. While pressing the hot melt adhesive is spread between the substrates, cools down quickly and solidifies again.

Setting time

It is important that the compression time is longer than the setting time of the specific hot melt adhesive. If the compression time is to short, the bond will not be strong enough.